C.J. Doyle Speaks on Demographic Dearth and Marian Hope

Last Friday and Saturday, a conference took place at St. Benedict Center in which multiple speakers delivered relevant information about Fatima related topics. Among those who spoke was C. J. Doyle, the Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts. Doyle related his talk to Fatima by giving an information-packed speech on how abortion, one of Russia’s errors, is destroying society.

“We are witnessing the annihilation of nations,” said Doyle, who backed up his information with various facts and statistics. His speech smacked down on the evils of abortion and even contraception, which he called abortion’s “Siamese-twin.”

Doyle also stated that abortion causes the increase of foreigners in a capitalist country, because when a country requires low-wage workers and does not get them they start to rely on imports. He says that the imports are causing demographic collapse.

Doyle declared that “there are now more than 56,000,000 Muslims in Europe” and that we are witnessing a cultural change and a demographic failure. He believes that this is what Our Lady of Fatima was referring to when she said nations would be annihilated.

He also talked about divorce. Doyle said that divorce was one of the first errors Russia made as a communist regime. He said, “In December of 1917, that is to say, a few weeks after the Bolshevik’s took power in Russia, they came up with the first laws… Liberalizing divorce understates it. Basically, they allowed divorce on demand; arbitrary unilateral divorce, under which both parties could consent or one party could demand it, and it would be automatic, and it would be unrestricted.”

However, Doyle also reminded the audience that there is a way to stop the economic collapse that he spoke of. He said we can stop it by praying the Rosary. This is the same solution Our Lady gave us at Fatima.

Doyle then gave various examples of the effect the Rosary has. He started with the story of Soviet Russia leaving Austria because “one in ten people were praying the Rosary,” and ended with the Battle of Lapanto, during which millions of people prayed Rosary to turn the tide of the battle.

Doyle ended his part in the conference with a discourse on Pope Pius V and how he should be the model of today’s clergy. He then took a series of questions.