Diverse Array of Speakers Discuss Fatima at SBC Conference

Saint Benedict Center hosted its annual Conference the weekend of October 6 and 7.

Well-known speakers such as Charles Coulombe, a papal historian and author, Mr. Mike Church Founder and President of Veritas radio Network, and Mr. Gary Potter, a journalist and author, attended and spoke at the event.

The conference is an annual event hosted by Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire. The talks where all focused on the main theme of, “A worldview in the Light of Fatima.” However they were all very different. “They had similar aspects, but of course they were very different.” said Jake Sullivan, New Hampshire resident and conference attendee. Although he felt the social aspect of conference is lacking, Jake said he enjoyed conference and Saint Benedict Center has an “amazing mission that will change the world someday, and in a way it already has.”

Mr. Gary Potter’s talk was very popular among attendees. Mr. Potter spoke on Russia and its becoming a Catholic nation. Leo Zignego, resident of Hartford, Wisconsin in particular enjoyed the talk. It showed the piety of the Russian nation that has been the enemy of America for a long time.

Mr. Martin Chouinard teacher at IHM School and Conference speaker, gave a talk concerning the 20th century secular utopian projects and there connection to the Fatima messages. However not only did Mr. Chouinard speak, but he attended the other speakers’ talks. “I liked Mike Church’s talk the most. … It was manly and practical.” Mr. Mike Church’s talk appealed to the majority of attendees, Catholic men. He showed that prayer is indeed a manly activity.

Despite occasional rain, the conference was successful, and the attendees enjoyed the talks. Saint Benedict Center will have its conference next year around the same time as it was this year. The conference is open to anyone who would like to come.