Fatima Scholar Gives ‘Review Course’ of Mary’s Message

James Hanisch gave a speech about the Fatima apparitions at St. Benedict Center, Richmond, NH, on October 6, 2017. The speech provided much of valuable information about the 1917 Fatima apparitions, which have long since been approved by the Church.

His speech, entitled, “The Fatima Apparitions, a Review Course,” included a summary of the 1916 apparitions of the “Angel of Peace” to Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta, and, more importantly, a resume of the six apparitions to those same children of the Blessed Virgin Mary during May to October of the year following.

Also mentioned were subsequent apparitions that certain of the children had later in life.

Hanisch made it clear that the children had much to suffer as a result of the apparitions. At one point, even their pastor, who interrogated the children, thought that it was the work of the devil.

The speaker, who was a close collaborator with the Fatima apostolate of Father Nicholas Gruner, spoke at some length of the frightful vision of Hell that the children were given on July 13 of 1917. When asked why the Blessed Virgin would expose children so young (ten, nine, and seven) to this terrifying site, Hanisch replied, “I believe that Mary showed the children a vision of hell to motivate the children to save the souls of sinners.”

Hanisch contrasted the short lives of Jacinta and Francisco, both of whom died young of the Spanish flu, with the long life of Sister Lucia, who had a mission to spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a devotion which God wants especially for these times to save souls.

The audience responded well to this “review course” on Fatima, with many in attendance speaking admiringly of Mr. Hanisch’s command of the subject, which, they said, was only emphasized by his grave and understated delivery.