Octogenarian Calls Audience to ‘Make America Catholic Again’

The 20th annual Saint Benedict Center conference took place in Richmond N.H., on Friday and Saturday, October 6 and 7, with the theme “A World view in the Light of Fatima.” One of the eight presentations of the two-day event was Gary Potter’s talk on the subject of “Russia, America, Fatima.”

Mr. Potter, a journalist, author, and historian, is also a student of the Church’s traditional social teaching and an aficionado of high culture, and presented his controversial views of modernity and geopolitics in light of these combined areas of interest.

He began the talk by enlightening his audience on various facts about Russia, but spent the majority of his talk explaining the pros and cons of modern inventions. The examples were mainly cons. Mr. Potter explained that the automobile was the only worthy invention of our time. He exclaimed, “Catholics should use modern inventions without being modern.”

Mr. Potter, who is in his eighties, said he believed that all modern technology was “evil.” He was then asked again for emphasis and he thought for a moment and said, “Well, I compose my books on a computer. It is necessary in order to send to an editor.” In short, he believes that technology is not necessarily evil if it is used for good.

He also touched on the subject of the Fine Arts. Mr. Potter is a large advocate of, “Reading good novels, listening to good music, and looking at good art.” He said that doing moral, lovely things such as these are the best things to do to pass your time.

During his speech he used Trump’s famous presidential slogan, “Make America great again.” He then added his own twist to that by saying,” Make America great again. Make America Catholic again!” He later went on to say that we must first convert our own country before we are to convert Russia.

The last question directed toward Mr. Potter was whether the modern age was necessarily evil. He answered with an adamant yes. He said that he believed that this day and age is evil and the only chance that we have for reformation was the help of Jesus entering back into our society.