SBC Conference Hosts ‘Most Radical Man on Radio’

He’s been dubbed “too Catholic for radio,” and now Mike Church has found his way to the small town of Richmond, New Hampshire and Saint Benedict Center (SBC). Here was held a series of talks all concerning the revelations at Fatima, and among the many speakers from the far reaches of the Catholic world was the infamous radio talk show host.

After kicking things off with a Hail Mary, Church delved into the subject of vocation and the connection between our Catholic lives and our secular place out in the world. In a later interview, he would explain that he doesn’t believe that the topic of vocation is covered well enough in Catholic media. He elaborated by saying, “We live in a time where people want…more information than they want instruction.” To remedy this, he says, “I’m trying to provide instruction.”

And instruction is exactly what he has been providing on his radio show for the last three decades. Over the years, his show has been aired on several stations including Sirius, SiriusXM Patriot, Sirius Patriot Plus, and, most recently, on the Veritas Radio Network, the last being of his own creation. Much like on his show, as he continued with his talk, there were many points at which he would stop and criticize the modern world for its warped perception of virtue and twisted thoughts on ultimate happiness.

“It needs to be front and center in people’s lives, especially in men’s lives, to restore… the order of Christendom,” said Church. One of the major faults in modern society, he explained, is the error of Americanism. His definition of Americanism is,”To pursue material goods as a route to salvation,” and Mike has fought against this ideology for many years on his radio show. Elsewhere during his speech, he mentioned the need for a revival of sorts when it comes to the Catholic Faith in relation to our lives outside the physical buildings we visit each Sunday. Across the world, Catholics have learned to separate their religious lives from their secular lives and this is what Mike Church went to bat against in his talk.

He connected our need for spiritual and civil integration to the messages at Fatima by comparing the work we do on earth to the work that’s done in hell. By not simply reserving our religious devotion to Sundays and holy days of obligation, the Church militant will stand a greater chance against the devil and his minions. “Demons can’t sleep, we can’t sleep either!” was his battle cry.

Church ended with a quote from G.K. Chesterton, “A dead thing can float downstream, only the living can swim.” By saying this, he was reinforcing the point made earlier that as “living,” breathing Catholics, it is our duty to “swim” upstream against the errors of the modern world. Throughout his entire speech, Mike Church challenged the Catholics of this world to “radically” proclaim their faith to the world as he has so proudly done for years and will hopefully do for years to come.