SBC Prior Speaks on Fatima as ‘A Vision of Happiness’

On Saturday of October 7, 2017, the second day of the annual Conference at the Saint Benedict Center (SBC) took place. The Conference is a two-day event, where speakers come and deliver talks on various subjects that all pertain to the theme of the Conference, and this year’s conference theme was “A World in the Light of Fatima”. This year, Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M., SBC’s Prior, took the stage and did a very informational talk titled “A Vision of Happiness.”

“A fantastic and inspiring overview of the message that Our Lady said at Fatima,” said Sister Mary Rosaria. “Inspiring”, said another audience member. Many have found this conference touching their heart in many different ways. At the conference there was an array of talks with speakers such as Charles Coloumbe, Mike Church, Martin Chouinard, and Brother André Marie.

Conference attendees were astonished at how well this year’s conference turned out. News is spreading fast of how great some of this years conference talks were, and the public is clearly pleased. Some of the talks included “Fatima: Our Lady’s Reply to the  20th Century Secularist Utopia” ; “Russia, America, Fatima,” and other various topics that are all connected.

Brother André Marie spent three months preparing for the conference. During the time that Brother André had to come up with his talk, he was teaching an online philosophy class, and in that class they were studying what human happiness is according to St. Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. He then decided to combine those two things, and discuss how the Fatima message was a fulfillment what will really achieve human happiness according to St. Thomas Aquinas. Studying the Summa Theologica, a book written by St. Thomas himself, and other various books on the topic of true happiness and the history of Fatima, he put together what some would call a sensational talk that brought across his message clearly and precisely.

In the past, some have said that the conference was a little on the dry side, but this year, with Martin Chouinard and Brother André Marie as well as all the other appreciated speakers, this year’s conference was one that had everyone in good spirits afterwards.