Featured College: Saint Anselm’s

College application season has once again dropped anchor and as every responsible student knows, one of the most important parts of the application process is research. To this end, the Observer has compiled an assortment of information on several noteworthy institutions. One, in particular, is Saint Anselm College of liberal arts. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, Saint Anselm’s was founded in 1889 by a group of Benedictine monks. Since then the campus has expanded to 380 acres and, over the years, has hosted at least ten US presidents.

Saint Anselm’s can offer a truly useful liberal arts education accompanied by a grand setting. The school endeavors to treat every student as equal no matter their religious or political denomination. With their Benedictine Hospitality, they strive to encourage all students to be generous and compassionate long after they leave the school. When it comes to financial matters, the college tries to give applicants as many options as possible.

With over a hundred majors and minors to choose from, this college offers classes on everything from chemistry, computer science, and economics, to fine arts, modern languages, nursing, and philosophy. Their average class size is about eighteen and the ratio of students to faculty members is eleven to one. Saint Anselm’s offers undergraduate programs exclusively but, as an added benefit, there are a slew of clubs and organizations for students to join when enrolled.

What sets Saint Anselm College apart from other schools is their unique “Benedictine hospitality”. In a recent interview, Michael Iorio, director of admission, remarked,”Being a Catholic institution in the Benedictine tradition we have mastered our hallmark of hospitality.” They strive to make every student feel welcome. Ultimately, the school’s goal is to encourage its graduates to give back to and support their communities.

For prospective students, there are many factors to consider, quite a few of those being financial. In regards to financial aid, 98 percent of students who apply are approved. Without aid, tuition can be anywhere from over thirty seven thousand to fifty thousand dollars including room, board, and other costs. Saint Anselm’s is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Inside the ivy clad walls of Saint Anselm college, there can be found a sound liberal arts education. Any IHM student who may apply can, in that, rest assured. Many aspects of this institution are very attractive such as their beautiful campus and their food which was ranked eighth in the nation. Depending on one’s point of view, though, a few facets of their college experience can be considered undesirable.

To be precise, the fact that they have a LGBTQ organization on campus may be be distracting to a graduate brought up in the Catholic Church and Her traditions. The realities of the situation are these, in the future it will be impossible to avoid those who either scandalize or openly ridicule you or your faith. It is the duty, though, of any Catholic student to approach these individuals with the kindness and charity that our Holy Father in Rome so encourages.