Feature College: Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University is located in rural Rindge, New Hampshire. Pierce is dedicated to teaching “an education that matters: one that achieves academic success through the integration of liberal arts and professional programs.”Franklin Pierce students are being prepared to become “confident, knowledgeable individuals and leaders of conscience.”

Pierce comes from humble beginnings. Founded in 1962 by Frank S. DiPietro, Pierce has always kept the perspective that, “only the small college can provide the intimate relationships between those who learn and those who teach.” Pierce only consisted of a few buildings, with only 97 students and a measly nine faculty and administrators. However, Pierce has since grown to a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,752 students. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. ( NEASC) accredited Pierce in the year 1999. Franklin Pierce University was accorded full accreditation by NEASC for its undergraduate degree program for the maximum period of ten years.

Franklin Pierce offers a twenty six different Majors, some of which are: Accounting-Finance, Anthropology, Biology, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Pierce also offers five Pathway Degree Programs, nine Minors and five Certificates. These range from Documentary Studies, Forensic Psychology, and Advertising to Environmental Studies and Women in Leadership. Pierce students can obtain a master’s degree in eleven different fields, including (but not limited to) Energy and Sustainability, Health Administration, and Leadership.

The Pierce campus gives students a unique opportunity to recreate in between classes. Pearly Pond is enjoyed by students year round. Students kayak in the spring, swim during summer and ice skate in winter. On the shore, students can be found studying for their classes and “just enjoying the fresh air.” A large number of Pierce students have volunteered to help preserve Pearly Pond’s natural beauty. They go up and down the shores of the 191 acre lake clearing trash and maintaining the cleanliness of the lake. This is just one of the many ways Pierce students are giving back to the community they are a part of. A smaller number of students volunteer to maintain the nearby Monadnock state park where the popular Mount Monadnock is located.

What can a Franklin Pierce University student expect? Ninety-three percent of students of the Class of 2014 are working in professional positions or attending graduate school. Out of the 1,752 students, one-hundred percent are receiving financial aid. The average student financial aid package for the 2015-2016 academic year was $39,490. The yearly tuition cost is $48,177, this includes room, board, and other fees.

Pierce embraces the LGBTQ agenda, not only allowing Gays, Lesbians and Homosexuals to attend the University. LGBTQ pride is very prevalent at Pierce even going so far as to give it recognition with its very own LGBTQ day. Pierce also has safe spaces, some of which are dedicated to LGBTQ members. This also has its own day, LGBTQ safe space day. Franklin Pierce University may be just the right place for certain people, where as it is definitely not for others.