Featured Business: Troy Power Sports

In New England, the winters are long and the summers are short. Every winter brings inches to feet of white powdery snow which covers miles and miles of land. And when spring time comes around, the snow melts giving this time of year the title “mud season.” So it should not take anyone by surprise how rapturous New Englanders can be about snowmobiles and four wheelers because in this region it is their form of entertainment.

But it often can be difficult to find these machines from a seller who is reliable and honest. So where is the best place for residents of New England to purchase their equipment?

In 1981, a man named Joe Sabolevski Sr., along with a partner, started a small family owned and operated automotive business in Troy which offered auto parts and repair services to those in the area. But after a few years of working in this repair business, Sabolevski realized something that put his business in great jeopardy. “All the industry around me such as Troy Mills and all of those businesses were going out of business. So I didn’t have the men coming to me to work on their vehicles,” said Sabolevski.

That is when he decided to take his automotive shop to the next level. In 1998, Sabolevski took on a franchise in the brand Arctic Cat which has a large inventory of snowmobiles, ATVs, four wheelers, and lawnmowers. From this resourceful purchase, his automotive business was supplied with a whole new beginning: the power sports industry.

Throughout the years Sabolevski has added other brands to his stock such as Ski-doo, Can-am, and Polaris dirt and snowmobile products, as well as lawn and garden equipment for the spring. “The automobile industry, I could never sustain. With the power sports, without getting into numbers, it’s huge,”said Sabolevski.

Today, Troy Power Sports offers full sales, parts, equipment accessories, and full services on warranty work and all merchandise. Since January of 2017, they have sold over six-hundred units of new and used equipment to customers all over New England, and even as far as New York. By the end of the year, they hope to reach their selling goal of more than eight-hundred units.

But what has made and continues to make Troy Power Sports so successful? “Being honest with people, doing the right thing, pricing things properly, and taking care of ANY problems the customer has,” said Sabolevski. For all New Englanders and those of the surrounding area who are passionate or merely interested in snowmobiling, four wheeling, or the use of any power sport equipment, Troy Power Sports is the place to go in order to get outstanding pricing, honest opinions, and service beyond compare.