Mrs. Hazelrigg, Supermom

Balancing her flourishing jewelry business and her crazy family life, Mrs. Hazelrigg, is a very busy woman.

Jewelery is something of a passion of hers, and she combines this passion with her artistic talent in order to help many people in need, but especially single mothers, for whom she has a special place in her heart.

Twelve years ago, she started up her endeavor because it was, “Something I could do from home that would make money,” she says.

Her jewelry selection ranges from Bohemian style to a classic or minimalist style. “ Many of my pieces are simple but bold, and I really try to create pieces that can be worn with a lot instead of specific looks only,” she says.

One of the more challenging aspects of the business is acquiring supplies. Mrs. Hazelrigg gets her supplies from online, except when searching for specific stones. Then she goes to a store where she can see the quality in person before she uses them for special orders. In those cases her favorite shops are in Keene and Wilton, NH.

Her wares are available at her Etsy shop, Instagram, Facebook, or even at her house.

Much of her proceeds are donated to charity, and she also does fund raisers. In the future Mrs. Hazelrigg hopes to do more for her single mom fund raisers, and the organization “ make a change,” which deals with foster children. “ I am hoping to be more involved with what they do for foster children all over the US,” she says

Her other hopes for the future of her business include designing clothes, although she says, “ I’d need my babies to grow up fist though, as they come first.”

Mrs. Hazelrigg is the sole employee of her little business. In the future she hopes to expand and possibly include someone else’s work in her own business.

As for how on earth she manages to take care of four rowdy boys and a small business, she says, “My life is nuts with these boys…but my jewelery is the one thing that I get to do for me. I make time for it. It’s really as simple as that. I do it when the boys are napping, or playing out in the yard, or at my feet reading books, or flying around the house on their scooters, or late at night when the house is quiet, and I should probably be sleeping.” She is an inspiration to mothers ans jewelery makers alike, and she has an important message for single mothers ans mothers everywhere. She says, “…I’m a better mom when I don’t forget to make myself happy.”