Steven Demasco and His Climb to Success

Grandmaster Stephen Demasco has a PhD, a masters in psychology, and fifteen schools across the country. But he was not always this successful. He grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York. His biography states “Everyone looked alike, same torn and worn clothes.” When he went into the third grade he could not read or write like everybody else. He then started to learn kung-fu; he said he trained for twenty-five long and tedious years, practicing everyday rigorously, and he eventually became a Grandmaster after training with the senior monk at the Shaolin temple in Deng-Feng, China.

The Grandmaster is now somewhat popular. He has been recognized by president Bill Clinton, he has also associated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has become quite successful as he has written seven books.

Dr. Demasco has now dedicated his life to helping kids who suffer from bullying. He says that bullies don’t understand words, they only understand force. Grandmaster says that kids think having groups is okay, that excluding kids isn’t bad; but Grandmaster states “excluding kids is one of the worst things you can do to a kid.” Grandmaster believes that schools need to go back to having the same uniforms.

Mr. Demasco is trying to teach young kids the valuable lessons such as: responsibility, respect, discipline, and boundaries. He is trying to teach kids that parents are parents, not friends. He is trying to tell kids to take care of themselves and others. He also wants kids to learn to have compassion for everybody, including bullies.

Mr. Demasco says that his favorite part of his job splits into two parts, the business part, and the Grandmaster part. His favorite business part is to help the kids that are in need of purpose or direction. His favorite part of being the Grandmaster is being able to train at the level with the senior monks at the Shaolin temple. However, he said he hates to micro-manage people which he said was in accordance to the business aspect.

Grandmaster is trying to help and better education for kids across the country by teaching them valuable lessons that schools are not teaching now.