U Mass Lowell, An Overview

College is an important decision in every high school graduate’s life. Whether it’s deciding to go to college at all or if its deciding which college to attend, it is still something that will impact the graduate’s life greatly.

There are many different colleges that have varying strengths and weaknesses. Just one example of these is University of Massachusetts Lowell, also known as U Mass Lowell.

U Mass Lowell is a state institution in Lowell Massachusetts primary focus is research. It offers more than 120 undergraduate programs, but within each one they encourage hands on experience. “UMass Lowell is a national research university committed to preparing students for work in the real world – solving real problems and helping real people – by providing an affordable, high-quality education,” says Nancy Cicco, Assistant Director of Media Relations, Office of University Relations.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges is the accreditation agency that has accredited U Mass Lowell since 1975.

U Mass Lowell charges tuition annually rather than per semester. The tuition for in state residents in undergraduate programs, is $14,800, room and board being $12,496, and the total being $27,296. Out of state for the same is $31,865, room and board being the same and the total coming to $44,361. Graduate degrees for in-state residents are $15,040 and for out of state, $26,820. Graduate degrees are based on full-time attendance, which amounts to nine credits per semester.

Financial aid is offered by the college, in a variety of scholarships. Last year U Mass Lowell awarded $168 million in scholarships to students with 90% of need being met. More information on this subject can be found at www.uml.edu/financialaid.

Included in Graduate studies are 42 masters and 36 doctoral degrees. “Master’s programs are offered in a wide range of subjects, from autism studies and biomedical engineering and biotechnology to history, public administration and peace and conflict studies. Doctoral programs are also offered in a wide array of fields, including entrepreneurship, physical therapy, nursing and education,” says Cicco

What makes U Mass Lowell’s college experience different from others is the fact that, “Spread across three campuses in the historic city of Lowell, the UMass Lowell community is a vibrant one, made up of student scholars, top faculty and researchers and dedicated staff members,” says Cicco. The values of a true “River Hawk” are to “help others, celebrate differences, take responsibility for one’s actions, work hard, give back and create positive change in society,” Says Cicco.

U Mass Lowell’s unique educational philosophy’s core is “hands on work” says Thomas Screnci, graduate of U Mass Lowell, and admissions counselor.

Job placement statistics are 95 percent of graduates who received a bachelor degree are either employed full time or going after another degree less than a year following their reception of their diplomas.

U Mass Lowell does have an LGBT organization on campus called the Pride Alliance, which is one of the 250 student organizations. “UMass Lowell is committed to having an inclusive culture on campus that supports all students, regardless of ability, race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation and religion by developing and promoting programs and services tailored to meet their needs and ensure their success,” says Cicco.

As to whether or not an IHM graduate would or would not want to attend U Mass Lowell, there are many differing opinions. Some say that it would be better for a graduate to go to a Catholic college, as it would provide for a welcoming and familiar environment for them. It would also make keeping the graduate’s faith and good morals easier for them. That is one opinion.

Another opinion is that an IHM graduate should go to a college that provides the best education regardless of their religious preference. People of this opinion also might think that college prepares someone for the ‘real world’, and the real world is not run by Catholics. An IHM graduate will run into many controversial things both in their workplace and in everyday life in the future. Some people think that the skill of seeing these controversial things and handling them with maturity and prudence is worth cultivating. While going to a Catholic college has many advantages for a Catholic, it is not for everyone. Even the representative from Thomas Aquinas college, Patrick Cross admits to this.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why an IHM graduate would want to go to U Mass Lowell. For example, the wide variety of programs offered and their approach to research, but there are also many reasons why an IHM graduate would not want to go there. For example, the fact that the faculty and students are very diverse in religious and moral beliefs.