Feature Story: 4-H

4-H is a youth program that aims to help young people learn by “doing.” 4-H consist of over one-hundred public universities and a stunning 500,000 volunteers and 3,500 professional staff among them.

4-H communities offer a variety of programs, such as STEM, (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and Agriculture, Health Nutrition and Fitness, and Leadership and personal development. Along with subcategories ranging from Robotics to communication and expressive arts.

With facilities all around the world, 4-H is showing children how to better themselves and solve global problems whether they live in an African country or European one such as Germany.

Mary Grace Grinstead lives in Richmond, New Hampshire and is a member of the 4-H center in Cheshire county. Mary Grace enjoys working with the horses and “helping the community.”

Mary Grace told the observer that her most enjoyed aspect of 4-H is helping the community. She stated that someone should do 4-H because it will keep them from staying home and being lazy and rather will make you “smarter and help you learn while helping people out.” Her favorite memory of 4-H is a barbecue where they they had competitions she described it as “stressful but fun.” Mary Grace believes 4-H has helped her to become a better person because it has made her smarter: “ I enjoy learning new things about horses and animals while helping the community.” Mary Grace said.

Rebecca Britt, Mary Grace’s friend and fellow 4-H member, was introduced to the program by Mary Grace. She also very much enjoys 4-H because it gives her more experience with horses and other animals. She too enjoys helping the community. Rebecca said “You can go out there and be active instead of staying home,and learn to be more helpful.” Her favorite memory is the same as Mary Grace, the barbecue. Rebecca and Mary Grace both agree that the time they are spending at 4-H isn’t going to waste, “I have learned to care about people.” Rebecca said. They both plan to continue 4-H and definitely recommend it to anyone considering joining.

4-H has communities all over the Untied States and it goes farther than that, 4-H has communities all over the world. The program does not discriminate against nationality, creed, or race but rather allows all to join. 4-H is very well known and easy to find with its presence in over 50 different countries and over one hundred public universities.

The aim of 4-H is to show children like Rebecca and Mary Grace how to better themselves while still having fun. 4-H hopes to prepare young people for the struggles they will face in everyday life so they can go on to solve global and local problems.