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Regina Caeli

The Regina Caeli, a prayer which requests Our Lady to rejoice in the Resurrection of her Son, has an incredible traditional story behind it. In the Golden Legend, a book dating back to the thirteenth century regarding the lives of the saints, there is a beautiful story connected with Pope St. Gregory the Great.

The book recounts a procession held sometime during the sixth century imploring Our Lord to end the epidemic that had fallen upon the city of Rome. The procession was lead by St Gregory and an icon of Our Lady, painted by St Luke. As the air filled with a beautiful fragrance, St Gregory gazed up and beheld a group of angels singing, “O, Queen of Heaven rejoice, Alleluia! For He whom you deserved to bear, Alleluia! Has risen as He said, Alleluia!” In response, he said, “O, pray to God for us, Alleluia!” These are the words from which the hymn is derived. At that moment, he looked over and caught sight of an angel protecting, with his sword, the Hill of Hadrian.

The Regina Caeli is a Marian antiphon and is one of the four antiphons (a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle) attributed to Our Lady. It is commonly recited or sung from Easter to Pentecost Sunday in place of the Angelus. This hymn is considered one of the most beautiful and joyful hymns in the Church. The translation from Latin gives us splendid and glorious English expressions.

The Regina Caeli is a delightful reminder for Catholics to remain living always rejoicing in Our Savior’s glorious Resurrection triumphing over His grueling and heart- wrenching Passion, through which humanity was saved. Whenever this song is sung, or prayer is said, we unite ourselves with the Blessed Mother in our expression of joy and gladness in Our Saviors ultimate sacrifice which earned, for us, our salvation.

A Catholic College In The Midst Of A Secular World

The roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweet,” said Aristotle. Individuals who are ambitious, put effort into their work, and are truly interested in learning understand the meaning of this quote. The hard work, time, money, and every day sacrifices put into everything concerning their education is truly worth it when they come to a deeper and clearer understanding of the challenging concepts of ancient philosophers and theologians, by brilliant men of today, and most importantly of the true faith of the Catholic Church. But where is there a school that encourages its students and drives them to discover truth? Continue reading A Catholic College In The Midst Of A Secular World

Featured Business: Troy Power Sports

In New England, the winters are long and the summers are short. Every winter brings inches to feet of white powdery snow which covers miles and miles of land. And when spring time comes around, the snow melts giving this time of year the title “mud season.” So it should not take anyone by surprise how rapturous New Englanders can be about snowmobiles and four wheelers because in this region it is their form of entertainment. Continue reading Featured Business: Troy Power Sports

Sister Maria Philomena Addresses ‘Hatred, Ambition, Salvation’ in Light of Fatima

This past weekend at the Saint Benedict Center’s (SBC) 20th annual conference, Sister Maria Philomena, M.I.C.M., gave a speech entitled “Hatred, Ambition, Salvation” based off the theme of the conference “A Worldview in the Light of Fatima.” In order to inspire the audience positively to love Our Lady more than before and to encourage them to see her Immaculate Heart as a mother who cares for them personally, Sister focused her talk on Our Lady’s apparitions to Sister Lucy of Fatima, especially the apparition of 1944. Continue reading Sister Maria Philomena Addresses ‘Hatred, Ambition, Salvation’ in Light of Fatima