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Juliana is a senior at IHM School.

“Ere the day of retribution”

The “Dies Irae”, or “Day of Wrath” in Latin, was written in the fourteenth century. Originally emerging as a poem penned by Thomas of Celano, the work was later put to music and incorporated into the Mass of the Dead. It speaks of the end times and the final judgment. Later revitalized by Mozart, with each new chorus, the Dies Irae warns of the countless sinners that will be cast into hell. Describing the rise of Jesus Christ to His throne in Heaven, the chorus cries,”When the Judge his seat attaineth, And each hidden deed arraigneth, Nothing unavenged remaineth.” Continue reading “Ere the day of retribution”

The Richmond Public Library, A Uniting Force

Behind an old-fashioned latch door, lies a whole other world brimming with stories yet to be told and lessons not yet learned. Originally built more than a hundred and sixty years ago, the building that the Richmond public library currently inhabits has been rebuilt many times. The devotion to education that first prompted its construction in 1850, though, has withstood the test of time. From being first used as a schoolhouse, over the years it has undergone numerous transformations the most recent being, in 1962, when it was finally converted into a library. Continue reading The Richmond Public Library, A Uniting Force

Featured College: Saint Anselm’s

College application season has once again dropped anchor and as every responsible student knows, one of the most important parts of the application process is research. To this end, the Observer has compiled an assortment of information on several noteworthy institutions. One, in particular, is Saint Anselm College of liberal arts. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, Saint Anselm’s was founded in 1889 by a group of Benedictine monks. Since then the campus has expanded to 380 acres and, over the years, has hosted at least ten US presidents. Continue reading Featured College: Saint Anselm’s

SBC Conference Hosts ‘Most Radical Man on Radio’

He’s been dubbed “too Catholic for radio,” and now Mike Church has found his way to the small town of Richmond, New Hampshire and Saint Benedict Center (SBC). Here was held a series of talks all concerning the revelations at Fatima, and among the many speakers from the far reaches of the Catholic world was the infamous radio talk show host. Continue reading SBC Conference Hosts ‘Most Radical Man on Radio’